Hyblaean Hinterland

One of the most visited places in the area is the Irminio River Natural Reserve, an ancient river that runs through the province of Ragusa for 55 kilometres from Monte Lauro at the top of the Iblei Mountains and flows into the Mediterranean Sea. Here visitors can find a beach to relax or venture onto hiking trails along the paths of the reserve, totally immersed in wild and unspoiled nature.

Further inland are the incredible Pantalica incredible caves, a place of great environmental and archaeological value. It is a settlement situated on a plateau of the Iblei Mountains where inhabitants of the coast found shelter after being forced to flee when the Sicilians and Italians arrived in the first half of the thirteenth century BC. The natural beauty of Pantalica is an oasis where visitors can observe spectacular flora and animal species such as peregrine falcons, foxes and river crabs.